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RN - Immune & Vector Nutritional Support Week 2 Bundle

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CoreBiotic® combines three spore forming probiotics to help promote the development of a healthy digestive microbiome. Spore based probiotics are derived from the soil. Traditionally when people consumed organic produce they ingested soil-based probiotic organisms (SBO). These SBO’s helped maintain a normal microbiome in the intestines. Today with processed foods containing pesticide and hormone residues, people do not consume these...


Full Description

Immune Vitamin

Each probiotic in CoreBiotic® is identified by genomic sequencing for a specific strain. Only strain-specific probiotics have undergone rigorous genomic studies, guaranteeing accurate strain specificity, potency and safety. Each of the strains in CoreBiotic® has research on its safety and efficacy.

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Many doctors protocols include Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™ simultaneously with one or more of the targeted transfer factor products.

Usage Directions
BioDisrupt® USE: take 2 capsules twice per day between meals, at least two hours after eating or one hour before eating.
CoreBiotic® USE: 2 capsules once daily with a meal.
Transfer Factor Multi-Immune
USE: Take 3 capsules away from meals
(one hour before eating or two hours after eating). Many doctors choose to increase dose to 3 caps BID or TID in acute situations).
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