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Our mission is to provide  the next generation care model that leverages personalized lifestyle medicine, support, cutting edge diagnostics, and data analytics.





At The Anti-Fragility Health Clinic, we will take all the time to appropriately get to know you. One of the most important tools to do this is through our intake process. Understanding your medical history and lifestyle habits will help us develop a diagnostic and treatment plan personalized to you. Knowing your medical history will help us identify biochemical imbalances you may express in the future. Knowing your lifestyle habits will help us identify environmental and lifestyle factors that may cause harm as well as help you implement healthy lifestyle choices.



Through our Discovery process you will spent about an hour with your doctor to discuss your health concerns, health goals, and medical history. You will also have a complete physical exam which will include a comprehensive set of diagnostic tests. By running sophisticated tests specific to signs of imbalance you might display, our clinicians will be able to identify the cause of the imbalance and personalize a your treatment plan. You will be able to view all of your results and your personalized plan on our portal



Once we have discovered what your current health status is, we will complete additional diagnostics to gain Insight into any areas of concern. Taking the time to understand you and your health status allows our team to engineer your Personal Lifestyle Schedule, a guide to help you incorporate the lifestyle recommendations into your daily routine. Based on your health status and goals the lifestyle recommendations will cover areas of diet and nutrition, exercise, stressors and triggers, environment, supplements, and medications.



Now that you have been given your Personalized Lifestyle Schedule it is time to take action! Our Lifestyle Designers have taken your lifestyle schedule into account when designing your Personalized Lifestyle Schedule to make it easier for your to implement the recommendations from your Personalized Prescription Plan into your daily life. We will be there with you throughout the entire process, from taking action to learn about your health to transforming your mindset to lead a healthy and full life.



In between your follow up visits our team of counselors and Lifestyle Designers will meet with you to check your progress and coach you through your implementation of your Personal Lifestyle Schedule. We provide continual monitoring and a platform for you to update us on all of your progress. We will coach you through the process and provide you education along the way. You will see a transformation in your mindset resulting in commitment and compliance to health, vitality, performance, and maintained wellness.