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Accuniq Body Composition


ACCUNIQ has developed extremely accurate body composition analysis using Bioelectrical Impedance and our own advanced engineering excellence. Measurements have been validated to DEXA measurement known to be the most accurate method for body composition assessment.

Bioelectric Impedance Analysis: ACCUNIQ uses advanced BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis) and its proprietary engineering innovations that correlate highly with DEXA measurements. BIA is safe and...

Full Description
  • 6 Frequency 8 Touch contacts
    Muscle Mass Analysis Segmental *Skeletal Muscle-Soft Lean Mass-Fat Free Mass
    and healthy ranges

    Obesity Analysis SegmentalSubcutaneous Fat-Visceral Fat-Visceral Fat Area

  • Body Water AnalysisIntracelluar-Extracellular Water-% Water Segmental
    Phase Angle/Reactance/Impedance Measurements

    Control Guide-BMR-TEE-Results Analysis-Total Score

  • Full 10” Color Touch Screen Display
    QR Code Scan for Mobile Devices
    Bluetooth Communication
    Store 100.000 Measurements

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