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B-12 Extreme Rx (35 mg, 30 tablets)


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B-12 Extreme Rx provides an ultra potent single dose of all four forms of B-12, including the only two biologically active forms in humans: methylcobalamin and dibencozide. Low blood levels of vitamin B-12 are frequently associated with fatigue and malaise.

Full Description


• For mental acuity, energy, liver support, and detoxification

• Provides all four forms of B-12

• Includes the only two biologically active forms of B-12

MENTAL ACUITY - Methylcobalamin 12,500 mcg
Methylcobalamin, perhaps the most important and potent of the essential cobalamins, plays a vital part in cell growth. Particularly important for your central nervous system, it helps promote healthy homocysteine levels and helps increase the brain's focus and clarity, and the spinal cord's function.

ENERGY - Dibencozide 12,500 mcg
Dibencozide- also known as Adensylcobalamin- metabolizes essential fatty acids to produce more energy. As a biologically active form of B-12, this B-12 tablet reacts with cells to provide muscles and nerves with bursts of energy.

LIVER SUPPORT - Cyanocobalamin 7,500 mcg
Cyanocobalamin, the most common of the cobalamins, becomes active in your liver, creating enzymes to help the body with blood formation, cell reproduction, iron utilization, and tissue synthesis, while aiding the digestion and absorption of foods.

DETOXIFICATION - Hydroxocobalamin 2,500 mcg
Hydroxocobalamin, one of the three essential cobalamins that make up the vitamin B-12 complex, helps support overall detoxification. It also assists with methylation and energy production.

Usage Directions

For intensive usage, take 1 tablet daily; for maintenance take 1 tablet weekly; or as advised by your healthcare professional. Allow lozenge to fully dissolve under your tongue.

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