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Bitters Tonic 4 fl oz


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Tasty Tonics® are concentrated liquid herbal formulas designed with therapeutic doses and blended with natural flavors & essential oils to taste great and encourage compliance for daily use. Bitters Tonic™ promotes healthy digestive processes, and with good taste. Packaged in a beautiful green glass.

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Full Description

Gentian root, a.k.a. Bitterroot and Dandelion root are traditional use herbs in promoting the body’s normal process to stimulate bile and enzymes in preparing to digest fats, carbohydrates and proteins

Dandelion root has the added benefit of promoting the production of Bifidobacterium

Fennel seed is included for its digestive support properties and also as a sweet herb, which is a traditional component of bitters formulas

Orange peel promotes appetite and maintains healthy digestive processes, including those of the liver and gallbladder

Indications: Support for a healthy digestive system, including appetite and promoting digestive enzymes to encourage best absorption of nutrients from our food.

Usage Directions

Shake well before using. Adults: ½ to 1 teaspoon, before meals. Dilute in 2‐3 ounces of warm or cool water, or to taste as a savory tea. May also be taken undiluted, directly in the mouth.

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