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Body Detox & Cleanse Kit (w/bottle)

Eniva HealthSKU: 32023A

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A periodic body detox and cleanse can be very beneficial. It helps to rejuvenate your energy levels, weight management, hormones, skin, digestion and overall body balance.*

But, not all detox and cleanse products or programs are the same — while some programs deal just with cleansing the colon. Eniva's Total Body Detox focuses on a variety of body systems for a...

Full Description

The Total Body Detox & Body Cleanse Kit is a gentle, non-fasting, cleansing system designed to help rejuvenate the body and support overall wellness.*  With a focus on the whole body, this system not only supports a healthy liver and digestive system, but also other body areas such as skin, muscles, mood, cellular energy and body shape.* It's the perfect assortment of supplements that can help you break free from unhealthy habits and begin setting patterns for renewed vibrance.*

This Kit Includes: 4 Products + Instructions and Guide

VIBE Daily Immune Health Multi Vitamin – 32 oz bottle

VIBE provides a great-tasting nutritional foundation that helps support numerous body systems and functions. Counteracts free radical damage and supports the health of cellular DNA.* Supports health goals related to the heart, immune system, muscles, bones, digestion and neurologic function.* Liquid fast and easily absorbed. * PLUS -- after your Cleanse, you will have 21 servings of VIBE left to nourish you when your Program is over.
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Chlorophyll+ Greens Complex – 16 oz

Helps cleanse the entire body, especially the liver, gallbladder, colon and blood; also helps to "deodorize" the body.* Chlorophyll+ Greens Complex has many health benefits as it is an internal conditioner, digestive tract detoxifier and supporter of healthy cellular membranes as well as intestinal and circulatory health.* Plus, after your Cleanse, you will still have 75 servings of Chlorophyll to continue to use when your Program is over!

LifeCleanse Fiber Complex Powder – 4.23 oz

Colon, digestive tract and liver detoxifier and internal conditioner.* Supports healthy intestinal bacteria and regularity.* Rejuvenate your energy levels, weight management, hormones, skin, digestion and overall body balance.* This fiber complex can work to sweep away waste matter, plus it helps rid the body of toxins, giving you a renewed sense of energy.*

Muscle Aid – 16 oz

Contains a natural chelator to support soft tissue health and helps support energy production.* Provides a generous serving of Malic Acid to promote optimal levels of energy production within cells.* This product helps to support muscle wellness, a healthy energy level and endurance.*  Plus, after your Cleanse, you will still have 18 servings of Muscle Aid to continue to use when your Program is over!

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