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Body Detox & Cleanse Kit (w/packets)

Eniva HealthSKU: 32024A

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A periodic body detox and cleanse can be very beneficial. It helps to rejuvenate your energy levels, weight management, hormones, skin, digestion and overall body balance.*

But, not all detox and cleanse products or programs are the same — while some programs deal just with cleansing the colon. Eniva's Total Body Detox focuses on a variety of body systems for a...

Full Description
  • ALL-IN-ONE! GENTLE & EASY TO USE. The Easy Detox & Body Cleanse Bundle includes everything you need to succeed.
  • NO FASTING! No fasting and easy to use program that also encourages healthy food choices to complement your well-being.
  • NUTRIENT RICH! Our subtle and comfortable Detox and Cleanse provides you 4 nutrient-dense supplements to keep you feeling balanced, healthy and fueled.* Plus, you will have enough bonus product for weeks of nourishment past the initial Program.
  • ENERGY, FOCUS & WAISTLINE! Drop the lethargic feeling and watch your waistline change in the right direction.* Support your mind and body connection.*
  • TOTAL BODY CLEANSE! This nutrient dense cleanse targets the whole body - Stomach, Liver, Intestines, Pancreas, Gallbladder, Colon, Skin, Muscles and Blood. Total body cleanse for results!
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