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Chewable Vitamin D


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Vitamin D improves the absorption of calcium and Phosphorus, and helps in the maintenance of bone health. Vitamin D intakes of 700-800 IU per day may help to better maintain bone health in comparison with 400 IU per day. Chewable vitamin D supplement provides 1000 IU of vitamin D3 per tablet in a great-tasting natural blackcurrant flavour. Helps in the...

Full Description

Pharmax’s Chewable Vitamin D 1000 IU Tablets by Pharmax provide sufficient quantities of much-needed vitamin D in a convenient‚ tasty chewable form.

Vitamin D‚ also known as the “sunshine vitamin”‚ is an essential vitamin plays a critical role in many bodily functions. Despite its designation as a vitamin‚ it often acts more like a regulatory hormone for the purposes of calcium and bone metabolism. Vitamin D levels need to be relatively high in order to ensure normal calcium absorption and maintenance of healthy calcium plasma levels.

Extensive clinical trials have revealed the potentially detrimental effects of a vitamin D deficiency: even putting aside the poor bone development and weakening of current bone structures that can cause significant falls and breaks‚ the vitamin is involved in virtually all of the tissues in the human body; the brain‚ muscles‚ heart‚ and immune system all have Vitamin D receptors—why would those receptors exist if they weren’t necessary?

With such a wide-ranging impact‚ it’s truly no surprise that the negative effects of a shortage in Vitamin D are also varied. Clinical research indicates that deficiencies can heighten your risk of health dangers that include breast cancer‚ colon cancer‚ prostate cancer‚ high blood pressure‚ heart disease‚ multiple sclerosis‚ and diabetes.

Although you can absorb sufficient amounts of vitamin D with two or three hours’ worth of unprotected exposure to the sun‚ most Americans don’t; this may be due to long work days‚ northern climates‚ or the risk of skin cancer. Either way‚ the result is that 90% of the U.S. is believed to be deficient. In order to correct this problem‚ you can take a supplement that provides at least 1000 IU‚ such as Chewable Vitamin D by Pharmax.

Pharmax has been on the leading edge for more than 15 years‚ providing supplements backed by research-driven‚ scientific evidence. It prides itself on strict quality control and independent testing of all of its nutraceutical products. Every Pharmax product benefits from innovative manufacturing processes that maximize its effectiveness to its users.

Usage Directions

One chewable tablet daily or as professionally directed.

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