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Full Description

Clear Four is a unique combination of human-sourced probiotics, L-glutamine, allicin, cinnamon, N-acetyl glucosamine (NAG), L-glutamine, and beta carotene. The probiotic formulation used in Candaclear Four contains 25 billion CFU of human-sourced probiotics that support optimal gastrointestinal health. Allicin and cinnamon help to maintain a natural healthy gut flora. Studies indicate that L-glutamine helps to maintain normal intestinal barrier function by supporting intestinal barrier permeability.

Cardiovascular Support: Alli-Cinn is a blend of garlic and cinnamon that is traditionally used in herbal medicine to support optimal cardiovascular health.*

Shelf Stable: This product does not require refrigeration to maintain culture viability.

Healthy Gut Flora: Promotes intestinal barrier function using a combination of beta-carotene and L-glutamine.*

Usage Directions

One serrated strip‚ containing three capsules and one tablet‚ taken once daily with a meal‚ or as professionally directed.

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