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Collagenics 180Tab

MetagenicsSKU: MECOLL180

Support for Connective Tissue and Collagen*

Collagenics® is a unique combination of free-form amino acids, key minerals including magnesium bis-glycinate, horsetail herb (containing silica), and other nutrients known to be involved in the biochemical processes that support healthy connective tissue and collagen.*

Serving size: 3 Tablets

Servings Per Container: 60

Full Description

Cognitive Vitamin

Maintain Optimal Connective Tissue Health with Collagenics®

The connective tissues throughout your body are important to your ability to move freely and are crucial to optimal joint health as well. The aging process can have negative effects on your joints as well as these tissues, resulting in limited flexibility and decreased range of motion.

Collagenics® from Metagenics delivers a wide range of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to support the growth, construction, and overall health of your connective tissues*.

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Usage Directions

Directions: Take three tablets once daily or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

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