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Cortisol Awakening Response


The cortisol awakening response (CAR) provides advanced insight into your stress response and adrenal function. These instructions will help you successfully collect 5 saliva samples during one day.

The results include:

• Analysis of cortisol awakening response (CAR) from cortisone (5) and cortisol (5)

• Graphical representation of results

• Provider notes with specific...

Full Description

The kit includes:

  • Easy-to-follow Directions and Requisition Form
  • (5) Salivette™ Saliva Collection Tubes
  • Resealable Plastic Bag
  • Return Envelope with Paid Return Label (Domestic Only)

The results include:

Free Cortisol and Cortisone (Saliva)

  • Saliva Cortisol - Waking (W)
  • Saliva Cortisol - W+30 min.
  • Saliva Cortisol - W+60 min.
  • Saliva Cortisol - Afternoon
  • Saliva Cortisol - Night
  • Saliva Cortisone - Waking
  • Saliva Cortisone - W+30 min
  • Saliva Cortisone - W+60 min
  • Saliva Cortisone - Afternoon
  • Saliva Cortisone - Night
  • Saliva Cortisol Total
  • Saliva Cortisone Total

Additional Cortisol and Cortisone (Saliva)

  • * Saliva Cortisol - Insomnia
  • * Saliva Cortisone - Insomnia

How to Collect Saliva

  1. Remove the blue cap, and place the cotton swab from the collection device in mouth.
  2. Leave in mouth until fully saturated but not longer than 5 minutes. Lightly chewing on the swab may help stimulate saliva flow.
  3. Once done, place swab back in the same tube, just as you found it. Do not remove the inner tube. You do not need to spit into the tube. Touch the swab as little as possible with your hands. Label each device completely.
  4. Freeze all saliva samples until they are ready to ship.

Important Note:

For the waking sample, set the saliva collection device, the requisition form,and a pen next to your bed. It is helpful to have a timer nearby to set for 30 and 60 minutes after you have begun your first collection. After collecting the first sample, it is best for you to be in a well-lit place.


If you struggle with staying asleep during the night, keep this sample collection device close to your bed and collect at the time of your sleep disturbance. This can easily be done without further disturbing your sleep. You may complete the label after rising for the day.

Do not return this tube with the others unless you collected; an additional fee will apply.


Elevated cortisol production may contribute to sleep disturbances in some cases. This new Insomnia Sample can be collected to investigate cortisol’s role in your sleep problems. This sample is generally collected between 12:00 - 4:00 am.

* Additional fee applies.


Can I collect samples away from home?

  • Yes. Saliva samples should be frozen within 12 hours.

How long can I keep the samples before sending them in?

  • The samples should be sent back as soon as possible. If you have to wait to send them in, keep them in the freezer until ready to send.

What if I miss a collection?

  • Collect the sample as instructed the following day. This does NOT apply to the three morning saliva samples — they must be completed together.

What if my regular sleep schedule is abnormal (night workers, etc.)?

  • Try to shift your schedule to accommodate the test. Please call the lab for specific instructions.

Is DUTCH testing appropriate for children?

  • The DUTCH Cortisol Awakening Response (CAR) measured with saliva is recommended for children of any age.


Sample Report

Collection Instructions

Usage Directions


While adhering to your most common wake/sleep schedule, collect as close as possible to the timeline below. Don’t forget to label each sample as you go. If you’re taking hormones

#1: Upon Waking Collect saliva immediately upon waking, and complete within 5 minutes. (No food or drink)

#2: 30 Min After Waking

#3: 60 Min After Waking

  • Collect saliva 30 and 60 minutes after waking. Do not brush or floss. Limit yourself to light activities like showering and getting dressed. After collecting both of these samples, you may eat and brush your teeth. (No food or drink)

#4: 4pm to 5pm

#5: 10pm to Midnight

  • Collect between 4-5pm (before your evening meal) and between 10pm Midnight (or at bedtime, if before 10pm). Rinse your mouth with water 10 minutes prior to collecting.

#6: Insomnia Overnight Cortisol Collection (Optional)

  • Collect saliva immediately at time of your sleep distrubance.


  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol on collection day and the night before.
  • Avoid exercise on collection day. Do not brush your teeth until after collections #3 and #5.
  • Do not floss the day of collection or until ALL samples are collected.


  • If you or anyone in your household is using hydrocortisone cream, discontinue the day before and wash your hands thoroughly before handling any part of the test kit.

Collection Instructions

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