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Digest Plus


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Digestive enzymes formula with hydrochloric acid

  • Digestive aid for digestive comfort, especially following high caloric, high fat meals*


  • One tablet, once a day with each meal, ensures patient compliance

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Full Description

Digestive enzymes work to break down the foods you eat‚ unlocking the energy and nutrients they contain. Sometimes‚ you may need a little extra help with digestion‚ which is where Digest Plus by Seroyal could provide assistance.

Digest Plus may work to potentially alleviate certain symptoms associated with digestive discomfort‚ such as constipation‚ bloating‚ indigestion‚ and gas. It contains betaine hydrochloride and L-glutamic acid‚ which may help your digestive tract break down proteins by encouraging the production of stomach acid.

This supplement also contains pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatin produces several chemicals that support the functioning of the digestive tract: amylase‚ lipase‚ and protein assist in processing dietary carbohydrates‚ fats‚ and proteins. At the same time‚ pepsin may work to break amino acids down into smaller peptides that are easier to digest.

Finally‚ Digest Plus provides papain‚ a proteolytic enzyme found in the papaya fruit. Papain can help your digestive organs pass food through the body more comfortably‚ which may help address certain symptoms related to mild bowel inflammation or heartburn.

Usage Directions

Adults: One to two tablets with each meal.Other conditions: One to two tablets‚ three to four times daily away from meals.
Children under 12: One tablet with each meal.Other conditions: One tablet two to three times daily away from meals.

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