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ED Serious Dysfunction Bundle


This bundle is designated for male with serious erectile dysfunction concerns.


Full Description

The bundle supply is enough for 30 days for adult male at all ages.

The bundle includes:

7 different supplements targeting on RDA, hormone balance, cardiovascular, stress control and detoxification

1 physical exam

1 MenlaScan (newly technology of your health assessment)

1 session of ED Ultrasound

1 session of Echo Ultrasound

1 session of Boston Heart Full Panel Diagnostic

1 session of Doctor's Data Toxicity Test

1 session of Vibrant America Micronutrient Test

1 session of PlaqueX IV Therapy (Options: NAD+ IV Therapy for extra cost)

1 session of SlimSpec Sound Wave Treatment

1 session of Hormone Replacement Treatment

2 Viagra Oral Tablets (Options: 10 sessions of Trimix ED Injection with extra cost)

1 session of PRP Injection

1 session of Stem Cell Injection

1 session of Exosome Injection

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