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Female Fertility Nutrition Support Bundle

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Lifestyle Recommendations:
• Maintain a healthy weight; avoid being excessively overweight or underweight.
• Quit smoking; avoid secondhand smoke and avoid alcohol.
• Practice good sleep habits; get between 8-9 hours of sleep each night.
• Reduce stress levels as much as possible. Delegate activities if necessary. Take frequent breaks or vacations and participate in
relaxation exercises.
• Avoid exposure to chemicals including skincare and haircare products such as Grecian Formula, deodorants containing aluminum
monohydrate, toxic cleaning products, and high VOC paints, varnishes, and paint thinners.
• Engage in smart exercise at least one hour each day – do not overexert.

Dietary Tips and Caveats:
• Choose lean, clean quality protein at each meal such as chicken breast, turkey breast, lean beef, fish (especially salmon and sardines),
eggs and whey protein.
• Drink plenty of water – urine should be very pale yellow or nearly clear.
• Wean off caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.
• Emphasize omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines, flaxseeds and chia seeds) and omega-9 fats (olive oil, olives,
almonds, hazelnuts, avocados, macadamia nut oil and coconut oil).
• Avoid sushi and raw fish; avoid high mercury fish, especially swordfish and orange roughy
• If a meat-eater, eat hormone-free, antibiotic-free animal protein
• Eat 5-9 servings of fresh organic fruits and vegetables daily OR add one heaping tablespoon of PaleoGreensTM and PaleoRedsTM to a
favorite drink.
• Choose complex carbohydrates (non-starchy vegetables and whole grains) instead of refined and simple carbohydrates. Eliminate
refined carbohydrates from the diet (this includes bread, cereal or pasta made with white flour, white rice, white potatoes, sugar, corn
syrup, honey and candy).
• Limit or avoid trans fatty acids (hydrogenated vegetable oil, margarine and shortening). Cook with olive oil, coconut oil, or macadamia
nut oil at low heat.
• Avoid neurotoxic compounds like aspartame and MSG.

Usage Directions
Pregnenolone CRT: 1 tablet per day
Prenatal Pro Essential Packets: 2 packets per day
OmegAvail Ultra: 2 softgels per day with meals
Q-Evail 200: 1 softgel per day with a meal
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