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Fermented Chlorella 450 Tablets


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Full Description

Chlorella, a single-cell fresh water algae, is one of the oldest forms of plant life. Native to Taiwan and Japan, it contains more life-supporting chlorophyll than any other plant.

Located in its nucleus is a unique complex called Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). CGF is rich in nucleic acids RNA and DNA, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides and beta glucans. Because about one-eighth of chlorella is CGF, chlorella is an excellent source of CGF and the most concentrated food source of nucleic acids.

Highly-digestible and bioavailable due to its soft, thin cell membranes, created by unique fermentation and advanced closed tank cultivation methods, Fermented Chlorella can support your health in many important ways:

Provides chlorophyll, CGF, beta glucans and all the other important compounds in chlorella

Supports your normal detoxification processes

Supports healthy cellular aging

Supports your cell’s energy production

Supports your immune system health

Helps maintain blood sugar levels already in the normal range

Supports healthy cognitive function

Helps support normal liver function

Supports cardiovascular health, including blood pressure levels already in the normal range

Helps maintain healthy blood lipid values, such as cholesterol and triglycerides

Supports an already healthy inflammatory response

Helps protect against the negative effects of oxidative stress and promotes normal tissue repair and recovery from exercise

Supports optimal metabolism

Supports digestive health by promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria

Because the chlorella in our formula is kept clean throughout a strictly sterilized and controlled processing system, the risk of heavy metal and other toxin contamination is significantly reduced.

Plus, Fermented Chlorella contains an added Trace Mineral Complex from two varieties of marine red algae: Lithothamnion glaciale and Lithothamnion tophiforme, harvested from the North Atlantic seabed, to help you fulfill your trace mineral needs.

Usage Directions

Adults, as a dietary supplement, take five (5) tablets per serving.

This product can be taken one to three times daily.

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