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Garlic Freeze Dried


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Garlic Freeze Dried provides 700 mg of garlic clove (Allium sativum) per day. Garlic is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to support healthy upper respiratory tract health and to promote already normal blood lipid levels. It has also been used traditionally to help maintain cardiovascular health in adults.

Healthy Blood Lipid Support: Formulated with ingredients traditionally used to support already healthy...

Full Description

Pharmax’s Garlic Freeze Dried delivers many health benefits associated with the famous herb in a convenient vegetarian- and vegan-friendly supplement. Garlic has a broad spectrum of antifungal‚ antibacterial‚ and antiviral properties. In addition‚ garlic also features fructo-ogliosaccharides; these carbohydrates are indigestible by humans‚ but are able to support the growth of beneficial bacteria such as acidophilus. Garlic has also been shown to stimulate the activities of the immune system by activating naturally defensive cells and macrophages‚ the layer of which are white blood cells that ingest foreign bodies. It has also proven effective in fighting various forms of infection and disease located virtually anywhere in the body. Furthermore‚ garlic also detoxifies the blood and improves circulation.

It may be a huge understatement to say that garlic is a powerful substance‚ both with regard to its impact on taste and the health benefits it can provide. The nutritional power comes not only from traditionally recognized vitamins and minerals‚ but also from an assortment of other compounds—referred to as phytochemicals—which scientists have just recently begun to research. Although garlic has traditionally been used as an ingredient to add flavor to recipes‚ garlic can also be ingested by itself to improve health. It can be taken as a nutritional supplement in either pill or liquid extract form.

A single clove of garlic contains small amounts of the nutrients calcium‚ manganese‚ choline‚ folate‚ magnesium‚ phosphorus‚ potassium‚ selenium‚ and vitamins C‚ A and K. One bottle of 90 garlic freeze-dried caps helps increase high-density lipoproteins and reduces the aggregation of platelets.

Try Garlic Freeze Dried 90 Vegetarian Capsules by Pharmax today and start enjoying all of the health benefits offered by this powerful herb.

  • Ninety Garlic Freeze Dried caps
  • Suitable for those following a vegetarian and vegan diet.
  • Helps to lower levels of serum cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Increases high density lipoproteins
  • Reduces platelet aggregation

Pharmax has been on the leading edge for more than 15 years‚ providing supplements backed by research-driven‚ scientific evidence. It prides itself on strict quality control and independent testing of all of its nutraceutical products. Every Pharmax product benefits from innovative manufacturing processes that maximize its effectiveness to its users.

Usage Directions

One capsule taken daily with a meal or as professionally directed.

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