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Heart Greens Green Apple Flavor

HumannSKU: A2872

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HeartGreens packs an army of organic super greens and fruits into your morning glass. And we didn't forget to make it taste great! Also, you can get on with your day knowing your body has the nutrients it needs.

Full Description

Many of the required nutrients are only available in the foods we consume. As such, a balanced diet is the basis of proper nutrition.

So how do you get your 3 – 5 recommended servings of vegetables a day? When life is fast-paced? And the cost of ‘real food’ is constantly rising?

Not to mention the time required to prepare said food for consumption. Be it a salad – where you throw in all the greens you need – or steamed veggies to compliment your protein of choice.

How do you fit it all in? How can you supplement what you already do?

That’s where the NEW HeartGreens formula shines! Supercharge your daily dose of greens in one convenient scoop, and mix it in an 8 oz glass of water to provide the extra kick your heart and body need to perform at their best.

Usage Directions

Mix one teaspoon with four ounces of water or add one teaspoon into your favorite smoothie! Make sure to store the canister in a cool, dry place and use within 45 days of opening. 

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