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IMD 30 Servings


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Full Description

The product that launched Quicksilver Scientific®, IMD® is our proprietary, highly purified silica with covalently attached thiolic (sulfur) metal-binding groups. This naturally-driven binder is optimized to escort heavy metals safely out of the body.*

IMD Intestinal Cleanse is a thiol-functionalized silica blend that optimizes the natural elimination of metals through the intestine while quenching free radicals, providing multifaceted support for metals detox.

IMD – Our Intestinal Metals Detox (IMD) is a proprietary product consisting of highly purified silica with covalently-attached thiol groups. The chemistry of these compounds allows them to bind to metals such as methylmercury in the gut, preventing enterohepatic recirculation and safely ushering them out of the body.

Intestinal inflammation inhibits toxin elimination by downregulating the body’s natural detox pathways. The thiol groups in IMD offer antioxidant properties that help quench intestinal inflammation, creating a functional foundation for metals detox.

Usage Directions

Add 1-2 scoops IMD® to a soluble Vitamin C solution or Phospholipid suspension or add to food 2-3 times per day as directed by a healthcare practitioner. For liquids, stir to create a suspension and drink quickly before IMD settles, preferably on an empty stomach; take with small amount of food if stomach upset occurs.

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