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A highly bioavailable zinc-based spray designed to provide immune support in the throat. Zinc combined with quercetin, luteolin, and propolis helps increase zinc levels in the throat and upper respiratory tract. Perfect for travel, seasonal exposures, and year-round fortification of defenses.


Full Description

Immune Vitamin

Inflammatory Response

Antioxidant Vitamin

Respiratory Health

Vitamins & Minerals

Help Recharge Your Immune Defenses

Immune Charge+ Liposomal Liquid – Support your body’s first-line defenses with premium Haschberg European black elderberry and high dose blend of Vitamins C, D, E, A, K1, K2. Immune Charge+ promotes immune support, a healthy inflammatory response, and respiratory health.*

Immune Charge+ Throat Spray – A zinc-based spray designed to target delivery in the upper respiratory tract. Ideal for use during travel and when exposure to external immune threats is unavoidable.*

Unsurpassed Bioavailability – Our exclusive liposomal absorption technology delivers key ingredients faster and more efficiently, for a difference you can feel.*

Usage Directions

How To Use

Immune Charge+™ 100ml – take 1 tsp in the morning / Immune Charge+™ Throat Spray – spray 3 pumps into the back of the throat as needed / Take Immune Charge+ 100ml on an empty stomach. Use Immune Charge+ Throat Spray as needed to provide additional immune support when in high risk environments.

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