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Licorice Root Extract 2 fl oz


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Improve cortisol levels and strengthen your adrenals, to resist fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, low sex drive, and more. †

  • Boost the stress hormone cortisol with Glycyrrhizin, a therapeutic extract of licorice root
  • Improve your energy and metabolism with hormone therapy that helps to reverse adrenal exhaustion
  • Empower your resilience to physical and emotional stress by supporting HPA axis balance

*These statements have not...

Full Description

Reverse Adrenal Fatigue, Raise Cortisol

Profound improvements in health – especially where mental and physical energy are concerned – are often experienced by those who engage in hormone balancing therapies. Using Licorice Root Extract to raise cortisol is one of the most common methods clinicians use to improve their patients’ energy and mood. It forms the cornerstone of therapies which often include other hormones, such as pregnenolone, DHEA, and progesterone.

Under stress, your adrenal glands secrete the steroid hormone cortisol. This hormone is part of your body’s natural stress response, the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. The HPA axis triggers reactions that influence metabolism, inflammation, blood pressure, immunity, brain function, and much more. Even when cortisol levels are low, and the adrenal glands fatigued, the HPA axis keeps working to produce more cortisol, contributing to a vicious cycle of fatigue and frequent illness.

Glycyrrhizin – Energy Supplement, Cortisol Support

Licorice Root Extract supports the adrenal glands when cortisol levels are depressed. It contains a substance known as glycyrrhizin, which is the sweet-tasting component of Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) root. Glycyrrhizin blocks an enzyme called 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase from converting cortisol into cortisone (which lowers the cortisol reserves you need for health). BioMatrix’ LRE possesses a potent concentration of glycyrrhizin to help preserve your naturally produced cortisol. It is not to be confused with deglycyrrhizinated licorice, which is relevant to digestive concerns

Usage Directions

Suggested Use

Supplements that can impact cortisol levels should be taken low and slow to start. As a general recommendation, take 8-10 drops 1-2 times daily or as recommended by your health care professional. Start with a lower amount if you are uncertain.

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