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Multi-Biome™ is a combination spore and non-spore (traditional live strain) probiotic. 

All six strains were selectively chosen for their specific characteristics and research-backed health benefits. 

Multi-Biome™ is formulated to provide a two-in-one formula for doctors and patients seeking the benefits of both soil-based and live strain probiotics in one formula.   

Each strain is genomically sequenced and registered, ensuring safety and...

Full Description

Microbial Balance Support Supplement

Mechanisms of Action*

  • Promotes healthy microbial balance*
  • Supports healthy histamine levels in the intestine*
  • Promotes healthy cytokine activity*
  • Supports  digestive health*
  • Supports healthy immune function and immune balance*
  • Works via competitive exclusion of harmful bacteria*
Usage Directions

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule once daily or use as directed by your healthcare professional.

Research Studies
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