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Neo40 Pro

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Daily Heart & Circulation Support

Our proprietary, patented Neo40 formula out of the University of Texas Health Science Center's N-O Discovery Program, is a convenient daily supplement that helps to quickly increase your body’s Nitric Oxide. In fact, our formula represents a breakthrough in N-O delivery compared to standard L-Arginine supplements or traditional diets aimed at supporting heart health. Neo40 helps:   

Full Description

Key Benefits

Why Thousands of People and Doctors Trust Neo40 for Daily Heart & Circulation Support 

Nitric Oxide (N-O) has been dubbed “the miracle molecule” and the discovery of its effects on the cardiovascular system earned a Nobel Prize.  

Our scientists have built on that discovery, developing Neo40, which may help to promote healthy circulation and support healthy blood pressure levels in the body through artery dilation and oxygenation of the blood. 

Eating right and exercising regularly may not be enough to help maintain your Nitric Oxide at optimal levels. That’s why Neo40 should be a part of your daily regimen and we’ve sold over 60 million Neo40 tablets. 

Particularly if you’re over the age of 40, it’s important to help keep Nitric Oxide at optimum levels in the body. Neo40 was created to help combat this and support N-O levels which: 

  • Helps support healthy blood pressure levels already in the normal range 
  • Helps support cardiovascular and heart health 
  • May help promote increased circulation throughout the body 
  • Supports healthy blood circulation 
  • May help support healthy arterial function 
  • Helps promote artery vasodilation for healthy blood flow
  • May help support healthy blood pressure levels 
  • Helps increase nitric oxide levels in the body 

Clinically Researched Heart Health

World-renowned cardiologist Dr. Ernst Schwarz of Cedars-Sinai led a randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled research study to determine the effects of Neo40 on blood pressure. After just 30 days, the blood pressures in the Neo40® group showed significant improvements. The systolic numbers showed a 12-point drop, and the diastolic numbers showed a 6-point drop on average.

To read the full results of this clinical trial, click here.  

Nitric Oxide is the foundation of our health, essential and tied to most of the body’s major physiological systems. Without it, we can’t live.  

That’s why we’ve spent years scientifically researching and studying N-O. And why we created Neo40, a concentrated, clinical grade, cardiovascular solution.  

Proprietary, one-of-a-kind and patented, Neo40 is a daily supplement that helps to rapidly produce Nitric Oxide in your body, as well as supports the body’s ability to produce its own Nitric Oxide over time.  

In fact, it is the only technology in the world, out of the University of Texas Health Science Nitric Oxide Discovery Program, that generates authentic Nitric Oxide gas and supports the enzyme that makes Nitric Oxide in the body. 

Usage Directions

One tab, once a day.

Take one tab daily and allow it to dissolve on your tongue. Do not swallow the tab whole or place under your tongue. You can take two tabs daily during the 30-45 day restoration loading phase. After 30-45 days, take only one tab daily. Never take more than two tabs in a 24-hour period. Each Neo40 box contains a one-month supply, or thirty tabs. 

Consult your physician prior to taking Neo40 if you’re taking 1) organic nitrate medications such as nitroglycerin or isosorbide, 2) erectile dysfunction drugs, since the combination of the two may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure, 3) blood thinner medications, or 4) medications related to lowering blood pressure. Discontinue use and contact your physician if you experience dizziness or fainting. 

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