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Paracid-X 90 Capsules


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Gut cleansing supplement with wormwood

You cannot enjoy the health benefits of a balanced gut without the removal of destructive organisms. Paracid-X uses nature’s finest anti-microbials to help expel them from your intestinal tract.

  • Experience broad-spectrum, plant-based defense against intestinal invaders
  • Supplement with potent compounds known to interfere with harmful digestive microbes, while protecting good bacteria and tissues
  • Clean up your digestive tract and...
Full Description

The Paracid-X Advantage

Unlike competing supplements that can irritate already inflamed tissues, Paracid-X helps to eliminate bad bugs while minimizing inflammatory damage. The five ingredients come together to create a hostile environment for harmful microbes, without harsh side effects. They also aim to protect the beneficial, friendly organisms that have been under assault.

The Formula: Purpose

Sweet Wormwood/Artemisinin – Whole wormwood

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(containing artemisinin) combined with whole artemisinin to hit the target with broad-spectrum effects

Olive Leaf Extract – To decrease inflammatory molecules, suppress harmful microbes, and support innate immunity against toxic microbes

Black Walnut Hulls – Possessing activities that inflict permanent damage on nasty microbes, while also promoting toxin elimination

Berberine – Not only targets the bad bugs, but it also has properties that make it effective in increasing short-chain fatty acids

Usage Directions

Suggested Use

2 capsules three times per day or as recommended by your health care professional.

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