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PRP for Hair


Promote hair growth and prevent hair loss

Treat chronic tendon problems, such as tennis elbow, Achilles tendonitis at the ankle, and jumper’s knee, or pain in the patellar tendon in the knee. 

Reduce inflammation caused by osteoarthritis  

Provides total rejuvenation - stimulates collagen and elastin production which thickens and tightens thinning skin,...

Full Description

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma):

    PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment 

in which a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and then injected into the scalp.


PRP therapy process

PRP therapy is a three-step process. Most PRP therapy requires three treatments 4–6 weeks apart.

Maintenance treatments are required every 4–6 months.

Step 1

Your blood is drawn — typically from your arm — and put into a centrifuge (a 

machine that spins rapidly to separate fluids of different densities).

Step 2

After about 10 minutes in the centrifuge, your blood will have separated into in three layers:

  • platelet-poor plasma

  • platelet-rich plasma

  • red blood cells

Step 3

The platelet-rich plasma is drawn up into a syringe and then injected into areas of 

the scalp that need increased hair growth.

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