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Telomere Pro 30 Capsules


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Full Description

Activates the enzyme Telomerase to promote the health of your DNA.*


Telomerase Activation*

For Healthy Aging*

Telomeres are the protective caps at the end of our DNA. Age and lifestyle choices cause telomeres to shorten over time. While the direct correlation between telomere length and overall wellness is still being studied, researchers believe that telomeres play a crucial role in supporting ones’ health.

The Telomerin™ blend contained within Telomere Pro™ is the subject of a published study on the activation of Telomerase, the enzyme responsible for rebuilding telomeres. The synergy of astragalus root, broccoli seed extract, rhodiola extract and Vitamin D3, promotes telomerase activity to maintain telomere length to encourage cellular rejuvenation and healthy aging.*

Usage Directions

Take 2 capsules daily, with or without food. More may be taken as recommended by a health care professional.

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