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The Black Box® II Liver Detox


The 4-week Black Box II® is designed to support the body’s natural processes of cleansing. Over time, the body can accumulate unneeded hormones, plastic-related compounds, mold, herbicides and pesticides, and other environmental contaminants. The products provided in the Black Box II function elegantly together in support.

The Glutathione included in this box should be refrigerated upon receipt. It leaves our warehouse frozen...


Full Description

Detox Vitamin

**Please note: this protocol contains product that must be stored in the refrigerator.

The 4-week Black Box II® is designed to support the body’s natural cleansing processes, and its products work together in a synergistic fashion. The compounds and nutrients utilized here have been chosen by Dr. Christopher Shade based on his deep understanding of the transporters, receptors, and pathways the body utilizes in order to flush waste out of cells. In particular, the Black Box II protocol supports the flow of bile, which has benefits expanding far beyond digestion, such as support of the immune and vascular systems.

The Black Box® II includes six unique products (expanding on the original four), including a quartet of the most potent bitter botanicals Quicksilver ScientificTM, offers, as well as phytonutrients that further support the body’s own antioxidant and restorative capacity. As always, our liposomal delivery system ensures that its nutrient compounds are absorbed almost immediately into the bloodstream.

This protocol contains Liposomal Glutathione as the anchor of the system, to deliver more of the body’s core antioxidant compound.

Liposomal Methyl B-Complex provides the body with a suite of highly bioactive B vitamins. These are necessary for cellular metabolism, energy and cleansing reactions. The liver has a high demand for B-vitamins during active release.

Micellized Pure PC delivers phosphatidylcholine, the primary building block of all cell membranes and a key contributor to healthy bile flow. PC is known to be a key support for the liver and brain during.

BitterX introduces four potent bitter botanicals as part of the cleansing process. Certain classic botanicals, long revered by herbalists around the globe, can enhance the body’s natural elimination process in the liver, gallbladder, and kidneys. A strong liver, gallbladder, and healthy kidneys work together to safely transport waste and harmful compounds out through the urine and bile.

We include Nanoemulsified DIM (Diindolylmethane) to support the body’s natural restorative and antioxidant systems, immune calmness, and healthy hormone balance.

Finally, Ultra Binder® delivers a comprehensive blend of binders, chosen for their overlapping specificities. Binders are critical for intercepting and binding to many different classes of harmful compounds in the GI tract.

The beauty of a liposomal delivery system is that protective and supportive compounds are absorbed almost instantaneously into the bloodstream. Rapid uptake of bitters, for instance, allows immediate stimulation to the liver and gallbladder. When followed up by Ultra Binder, the capture of released wastes and compounds can be highly effective.  

  • Built with six unique products to support the body’s natural release processes
  • This protocol uses our PushCatch™ design
  • Addressing environmental contaminants promotes overall health

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. If pregnant, consult a physician before use.

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