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Thyroid Px 75 Capsules


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Full Description

Restorative Formulations Thyroid Px formula combines herbs and nutrients to support a healthy thyroid and its functions. It also helps to maintain a healthy metabolic function, normal body temperature and stabilizes thyroid peroxidase immunoglobulins. There is .7 mg of Potassium iodide in each capsule, along with some powerful antioxidants, selenium, zinc and myrrh. These three antioxidants help to neutralize free radicals which affect the thyroid enzyme activities, and are responsible in the conversion of T4 to the active T3 hormone.

Recommended Use: Thyroid Support and functions of the thyroid gland.

Usage Directions

Take 1 to 2 vegi-capsules twice a day, with or without food, or as recommended by your health care practitioner. When increasing dose, do it gradually to a maximum dose of 4 capsules, twice daily. Never take high doses for more than months.

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