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V- Enzymes


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Digestive enzymes may help your body process and absorb nutrients from food or supplements. V-Enzymes by Seroyal is a supplement that provides a wide array of plant and microbial enzymes. For example‚ bromelain is an enzyme derived from pineapples that may work to digest proteins.

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Full Description

Digestive support
• Includes plant and microbial enzymes and broad-spectrum action
• Includes lactase, which helps in lactose digestion as per in vitro laboratory results*
• Supports healthy digestive function*
• Digestive enzyme
• Supports protein digestion*

Wide pH range
• Highly effective from pH 3.5 to pH 9.0

Ideal for vegetarians
• Convenient vegetable capsule format

V-Enzymes is a benchmark vegan digestive support product. The formula helps to reduce the complex nutritional components of food, digesting proteins, lipids and complex carbohydrates to allow for optimal absorption. In laboratory results, the effects of one V-Enzymes capsule on digestion of beef, egg white and zucchini was investigated (items provided a typical profile of protein, fat and carbohydrate). The in vitro experiments simulated intestinal conditions including adjustments for pH and simulated ‘churning and pulverization’ action of the stomach (via stomacher mixed well and incubated at 37°C/ 98.6°F). In all cases the addition of V-Enzymes completely liquefied the food item compared to the control where only stomach pulverization took place.*

Usage Directions

Take 2 capsules with each meal‚ or as recommended by your health professional.

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