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DefenageSKU: DA10302

Luxurious facial cleanser with Natural Prebiotics.

Full Description

Face Cleanser

Luxurious facial cleanser with Natural Prebiotics.


•  In seconds melts away surface debris, instantly dissolves heavy makeup and waterproof mascara and helps liquefy impurities in pores and air pollutants.

•  Supports the skin's barrier.

•  Makes skin feel soft, hydrated and comfortable.

•  Natural prebiotics balance the skin's delicate ecology.

•  Enhances DefenAge's core defensin-technology.


Made in the U.S.A.

Usage Directions

STEP ONE | 1-Step Multi-Cleanse

Daily: AM | PM

Place dime-sized portion of cleansing gel onto fingertips. Gently massage over dry skin for 15 seconds. Moisten fingertips and massage using circular motions. Repeat until white cleansing milk develops. Rinse well with warm water. If desired, use a clean facecloth or cleansing sponge to remove excess cleanser. Pat dry with clean towel.
Suitable for all skin types.

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