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23andMe Health and Ancestry - Saliva Test


Available online only. You can have your specimen collected in our clinic.

Find out what your DNA says about your health, traits and ancestry.

1. Health Predispositions*

Learn how your genetics can influence your chances of developing certain health conditions.


2. Ancestry

Discover where your DNA is from out of 1000+ regions worldwide - and more.


Full Description

1. Health Predisposition reports

10+ reports

Health Predisposition reports provide information about whether you carry genetic markers that could influence your chances of developing certain health conditions. They are not for diagnosis. Factors like lifestyle, environment and genetic markers not covered by this test can also play a role. These reports provide you with more insights so you can be the best possible advocate – for you.

2. Ancestry reports

35+ reports

Your DNA comes from all of your ancestors. In your DNA, we can find genetic traces of where your ancestors lived throughout history.

You also share DNA with people around the world today. You can choose to connect with them through our DNA Relative database. You can continue to find new relatives as our database of more than one million customers grows over time.

3. Wellness reports

5+ reports

When it comes to your wellbeing, your DNA is one part of the story that also includes your environment and lifestyle.

Find out how your DNA relates to your caffeine consumption, lactose digestion and your muscle type.

4. Carrier Status reports

40+ reports

Being a "carrier" means you "carry" one genetic variant for a condition. Carriers do not typically have the genetic condition, but they can pass a genetic variant down to their children. If both parents are carriers, there is a 25% chance their child will have the condition.

Understanding your carrier status helps you work with your doctor to prepare for the health of your future family.

5. Traits reports

30+ reports

Find out your likelihood of having certain characteristics. See how your DNA affects your hair color, taste preferences and more. You can also compare your results to other 23andMe customers.

Reports include
  • Hair: Color, Curliness, Male Bald Spot
  • Taste & Smell: Sweet vs. Salty, Bitter
  • Facial Features: Cheek Dimples, Unibrow, Freckles
Usage Directions

Three steps. It's simple.

All from home. No blood. No needles. Just a small saliva sample.



Choose from our Health + Ancestry or Ancestry services. Your saliva collection kit is the same for both services and typically arrives within 3 to 5 days. Express shipping is available.



Follow kit instructions to spit in the tube provided — all from home. Register your saliva collection tube using the barcode so we know it belongs to you, and mail it back to our lab in the pre-paid package.



In approximately 3-5 weeks, we will send you an email to let you know your reports are ready in your online account. Log in and start discovering what your DNA says about you.

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