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6-Drops Aromachology Face Oil #3 - Citrus Scent

6DropsSKU: 6DFO-CS

Need a vital energy? Try No.3, Citrus scent. Applicable for all skin types. Particularly good for oily skin. Appreciate the fresh and vibrant scents! Abundant nutrition from macadamia and jojoba oils will make your skin supple and glaring.
Full Description

Facial Oil

Shape your mood,then your skin!

Specialty face oil that nourishes and hydrates your skin while helping control your emotion.

No.3 Citrus Scent is a citrus fragrance-themed facial oil product that provides vitality and energy filing mood in addition to the nutritional and moisturizing effects of natural oils.

Applicable for all skin types. It is especially useful for oil skin. Experience the regreshing and tantalizing scent of citrus-based natural oil ingredients. You can also expect the excellent skin nourishing effects of macadamia and jojoba.

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