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B-Minus 100 Capsules


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  • Vitamin B complex free of B12 and folate
  • Supports healthy energy production
  • Supports healthy mood

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Full Description

Are you already taking vitamin B12 and folate (vitamin B9) but need the rest of the B vitamins in your diet?

Most B complex supplements contain folate and B12. This can make it difficult to individualize the amount of these nutrients precisely.

B Minus is a potent formula containing 6 essential B vitamins. It is free from B12 and folate to allow for customization of these two essential nutrients.

B Minus is a one-a-day B complex without folate and B12. It provides over 100% of the daily value for the other six essential B vitamins in their bioavailable forms. The high amounts are ideal for those who are deficient or require higher amounts of B vitamins. It can be a great boost to your daily multivitamin intake.

B Minus is the preferred choice for people who do not tolerate methylated B12 (methylcobalamin) and folate (methylfolate). Some people experience side effects from these methylated nutrients.

B Minus is also designed for those who need specific forms of these nutrients. It can be paired with a standalone methyl-free or methylated B12 and folate supplement.

B Minus supports healthy:

Energy production

Hormone balance

Positive mood


Red blood cells

Cognitive function

Immune system function

Nearly all of the biochemical processes in your body are dependent upon B vitamins. B vitamins are considered essential because your body cannot make them. These water-soluble vitamins must be obtained every day from your diet.

You could be deficient in B vitamins if you’re struggling with:

Low energy levels

Brain function issues

Hormonal imbalances

Skin or hair concerns

Immune system dysfunction

High homocysteine levels

B Minus contains potent amounts of your daily essential B vitamins in bioactive forms, minus B12 and folate. This gluten-free formula is free of GMO-markers. It allows for methyl-free or preferred forms of B12 and folate to be added to one’s regimen as needed. Be sure to pair B Minus with a bioavailable B12 and folate supplement, such as Active B12 with L-5-MTHF (methylated) or Hydroxo B12 with Folinic Acid (non-methylated). For an all-in-one B complex with vitamin B12 and methylfolate, consider our B Complex Plus.

Get ready to jump out of bed in the morning with this powerful formula!

Usage Directions

Take 1 capsule with food or as directed by your healthcare professional. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime as it may interfere with sleep.

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