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Biocept offers a simple blood test known as liquid biopsy that lets you establish approved, clinically actionable biomarker status for more personalized, responsive treatment.
Full Description

When cancer metastasizes or spreads, it sheds tumor cells and cancer-causing DNA fragments into the blood.

Biocept has developed the most advanced method for detecting and assessing tumor cells and cancer-causing DNA fragments in the blood.

You get the same information you would get from a tissue sample—from a simple blood test.

And because Biocept uses blood, you are informed about what’s happening with your patients’ cancer NOW—not weeks, months, or years ago.

When should you consider a liquid biopsy?

  • Not enough tissue was obtained from an initial biopsy.
  • Cancer starts in a place that is difficult to access for surgical biopsy.
  • Cancer recurs after the initial tumor tissue has been removed.
  • The patient is not responding to treatment as expected.
  • The patient wishes to avoid additional biopsies.
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