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Body and Skin Renewal elixir

GetHealthyAgainSKU: A2611

Full Description
Body and Skin Renewal is a frequency enhanced elixir that instructs replicating cells to embody youth and vitality. Instructions focus on activating a youth template during replication. These instructions tell every reproducing cell to follow this template in order to emerge as a healthier and slightly younger cell. Something similar to this happens during spontaneous healing.
When your cells replicate in this manner, there can be profound healing and anti-aging effects. Skin cells replicate fairly quickly, every 10 to 30 days, so you may notice improvement in your skin within a month or even less. Accelerated healing and repair may be noticed in other rapidly replicating cells including your intestinal wall, blood cells, immune cells, lungs and stomach lining. So while you may see improvement in your skin first, know that your body is becoming healthier and younger on the inside too.
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