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Carrier Status DNA Insight

Pathway GenomicsSKU: A2742

Available online only. Please follow the instruction to collect and mail your specimen.

Understanding Carrier Status

Each person has two copies of the genetic materials, one copy inherited from each parent. Many genetic diseases are recessive, meaning the disease is caused by inheriting a mutation at the same DNA location from both parents. If a parent carries a mutation in...

Full Description

How our genetic test can help

Carrier DNA Insight® is a comprehensive preconception and prenatal carrier screening test. Carrier DNA Insight® follows the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommendations, and screen patients for more than 120 recessive genetic diseases.

Carrier DNA Insight® provides physicians with information about the risks of inherited diseases of their patients’ future children.

Clinical Implementation for Patients

With Carrier DNA Insight®, patients can gain knowledge on their risks of passing inheritable genetic diseases to their children or future children. A more comprehensive assessment can be obtained if both parents are tested.

Who is this for?

Carrier DNA Insight® is for individuals who want to find out if they are at an increased risk of passing an inheritable disease to their children or future children. Individuals in certain ethnic groups or with a family history of genetic diseases may also benefit from carrier DNA Insight® testing.

Usage Directions

Step 1:

Carrier Status DNA Insight® can be ordered from a licensed and registered physician or other qualified healthcare provider.
Physicians can request test kits here.


Step 2:

Once your test has been ordered for you by a physician, you will provide a DNA sample using the DNA collection kit found in the Pathway Genomics box.


Step 3:

You or your authorized health care professional will mail your DNA sample back to Pathway Genomics, along with your test requisition and consent form (return shipping provided).  You can view DNA collection instructional video here.


Step 4:

Pathway Genomics processes and analyzes the submitted sample in its CLIA certified and CAP accredited laboratory. Once complete, the patient’s personalized results will be available to the ordering physician. The results will then be released to the patient. Pathway Genomics has a team of genetic counselors available to ensure that both the patient and the physician understand the information in the report, and to answer additional questions. 

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