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Keto Sweetener - Allulose Plus


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The People's Keto Company's Keto Sweetener Allulose Plus contains allulose - a 'rare sugar' that exists in nature in very small quantities, it is found in maple syrup and fruits such as figs and raisins.

Naturally low in calories, allulose has a clean and sweet finish that is free of any bitter or strange aftertaste.

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Allulose Sweetener


  • ALL-PURPOSE 1:1 SUGAR REPLACEMENT - Allulose is all-natural and is a ‘rare sugar’ found in figs, raisins, and maple syrup. Wholesome Provisions Keto Sweetener is a balanced blend of Allulose, Monk Fruit, and Stevia and can be used just like conventional sugar.
  • 0G NET CARBS, KETO-FRIENDLY, PRIMAL-FRIENDLY, VEGAN, AND GLUTEN FREE - Keto Sweetener has the texture and performance behavior similar to sugar without any impact on blood glucose levels. This 1:1 sugar replacement is not metabolized as energy by the body, making it a Keto-Friendly pantry staple.
  • NO AFTERTASTE AND NO GASTRIC EFFECTS - Naturally low in calories, Keto Sweetener has a clean and sweet finish that is free of any bitter or strange aftertaste. Unlike other alternative sweeteners, Keto Sweetener does not cause any bloating or gastric discomfort.
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE WITH MANY USES - Keto Sweetener can brown and caramelize as well as being easily dissolvable just like conventional sugar. Add to your coffee, tea, smoothie or protein shake. Great for cooking and baking and is a 1:1 sugar replacement.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - 100% made in Portland, OR, USA in small batches. Keto Sweetener is processed in a facility that strictly follows Good Manufacturing Practices and meets or exceeds the JECFA and WHO requirements as well as qualifying for FDA GRAS status.
  • Wholesome Provisions is a authorized distributor of The People's Keto Company products.
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