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The Biggest No Brainer

Take charge of your long-term brain health with Matter, our breakthrough product developed in partnership with the University of Oxford.

Full Description

NAD Supplement

What is Grey Matter?

Grey matter is the brain’s processing center and is responsible for many of the “active” things you do every day: learning and memory, motor control, balance and coordination.

When your grey matter shrinks as part of normal aging, those functions are capable of being affected.

Why Switch Your Omega to Matter

The importance of omega-3s can’t be overstated. They are among the most-consumed supplements, and have been researched for more than five decades for their protective effects in brain, heart, joint, and eye health. And, 80% of Americans don’t get enough of these crucial fatty acids in their diet.

Usage Directions
Take two tablets every morning, with or without food. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply. Created for long-term use in healthy adults of all ages.
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