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Metasol 60 Capsules


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Full Description

• Enhances circulation with Oligonol, which increases nitric oxide production to relax the blood vessels.*
Supports cardiovascular health with Oligonol’s effect on circulation, oxidation, and inflammation.*
• Lessens fatigue and increases endurance.* Oligonol could help reduce the perception of exertion.*
• Reduces wrinkles and brown spots, especially among those ages 40+ years old.*

Wrinkled skin. Low energy. Stiff arteries. Most people are familiar with these common signs of aging. What they don’t realize is that one physiological link underlies all these conditions: poor circulation, or blood flow.

Blood carries life-giving oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body. Blood flow to the heart is indispensable for cardiovascular health. Blood flow to the skin is important for elasticity. And blood flow to the muscles is important for preventing fatigue.

The main ingredient in Metasol™ is Oligonol®, a breakthrough anti-aging antioxidant that addresses the three major causes of aging: poor blood circulation, oxidative stress, and inflammation.* Supported by 30 human clinical trials, Oligonol is a patented, lowmolecular- weight polyphenol derived from lychee fruit and green tea with excellent absorption and multiple anti-aging benefits.*

Clinical research shows that thanks to its low molecular weight, Oligonol can be easily absorbed by the body, giving it unmatched bioavailability.* With the power of Oligonol, Metasol gently and effectively helps relax blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow throughout the body.*

Usage Directions

Take 2 vegicaps daily for visceral fat reduction. 

Take 1 vegicap daily for circulation support and fatigue reduction.

Take with meals.

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