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Myers Cocktail IV Therapy


An IV composed of b12, high dose vitamin C, and magnesium.

A combination of vitamin B12, high dose vitamin C and magnesium, Myers Cocktail IV delivers a powerful nutrient load straight into your bloodstream, promoting health and wellbeing across your entire body.

Full Description

Myers IV

Many patients report significant improvements in their body with just one IV treatment. However, some patients might need a second or third Myer’s Cocktail IV therapy to gain more health benefits. It’s up to the patient’s doctor to prescribe how much he needs based on his medical history and diagnosis.

*Increases the body’s essential nutrient levels in the blood, which are transported to other organs
*Reducing muscle spasms, whether it’s acute or chronic

*Recovering from respiratory problems, including sinusitis, bronchitis and allergic rhinitis
*Aiding in patients who are on a narcotic withdrawal
*Preventing complications of congestive heart failure
*Speeding up the recovery of a patient with physical injuries
*Treating viral colds, flu or hay fever
*Preventing ischemic vascular disease
*Reducing insomnia episodes
*Helping patients with depression

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