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NeoGraft - Wanderlust 2000


Restore My Hair (powered by Anti- Fragility Clinic) is an innovative solution presented by Anti-Fragility Clinic. We are committed to relieving both men and women suffering from hair loss with minimal surgical techniques.


Aftercare Ointment and Antibiotic 

2 Monthes Supplementary Bundle 


Full Description

What is restore my hair

With follicular unit extraction, one hair follicle is extracted from your donor area at a time. It is then transplanted to your thinning or balding areas. The technique is most effective when hair thinning is minimal, or when looking to fill in a smaller space, like at the temples. FUE can be used for most people in earlier stages of hair thinning or loss

More than 4000 grafts (over 9000 hairs) can be handled by our trained staff.  With the PRP and supplemental bundle we've included in our packages, we want our patients to experience optimal results.


Why restore my hair

The secret to our success is:

  • the use of PRP that we combine with the hair restoration

  • in-depth hair and scalp analysis to look at what is causing your hair loss. 

  • Supplementary bundle for aftercare

Our bundle of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) cellular growth factor, as well as our supplement bundle,  has provided our patients with an unmatched hair growth improvement after restoration. 

Have the Hair You Want

Cost shouldn’t get in the way of confidence. That’s why we offer hundreds of combinations of products and services for different hair care needs.

With (minimal) surgical hair restoration, your natural hair will grow and restore your hairline and thinning areas of your scalp, permanently.

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