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Optimal Prenatal 240 Capsules


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  • High-strength prenatal formula supports healthy spine and brain development
  • Digestive comfort from vitamin B6 and ginger
  • Bioavailable folate and B12 support optimal genetic development

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Full Description

Have you experienced preterm birth or other pregnancy complications? Are you concerned about nutritional deficiencies? If so, you may be wondering how to best support a healthy pregnancy.

Pregnancy should be a beautiful and transformative experience. Worrying about your health and baby’s only puts more stress on this delicate time.

Are you seeking a potent and comprehensive prenatal? One that contains key nutrients needed for a healthy pregnancy? Look no further.

Optimal Prenatal is a powerful, nutrient-dense prenatal multivitamin formulated by epigenetics expert, Dr. Ben Lynch.

Optimal Prenatal resulted from years of research into epigenetics, fertility, and pregnancy, including the MTHFR gene variation. It is designed for women who need more intense nutritional support and want to support a healthy pregnancy. This includes those experiencing nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy complications, or difficulty conceiving.
Doctors recommend folate and B12 during pregnancy. These essential nutrients are known to reduce the risk of neural tube defects (e.g., spina bifida), as well as other birth defects and pregnancy complications.

Optimal Prenatal contains B12 and folate in their bioavailable, methylated forms. Your body needs these active forms for proper methylation, which is essential for healthy fetal development.

What you’ll never find in any of Seeking Health’s dietary supplements is folic acid. This artificial version of folate can cause many side effects and may even contribute to folate deficiency!

Optimal Prenatal also contains vitamin D to support baby’s brain development and over 30 important nutrients for pregnancy health. Unlike some other over-the-counter formulas, Optimal Prenatal contains choline, which is required in higher amounts during pregnancy due to accelerated cell division.

It is recommended to start taking prenatal vitamins for several months before trying to conceive. Optimal Prenatal can be taken before and throughout your entire pregnancy to optimize preconception health and to support a healthy pregnancy.

Continue Optimal Prenatal after birth to support breastfeeding and replenish nutrients lost from pregnancy. In fact, anyone seeking a nutrient-dense multivitamin can take Optimal Prenatal, including men looking to optimize their preconception health!

Compared to our Prenatal Essentials product line, Optimal Prenatal is a more potent and comprehensive formula. None of our Seeking Health prenatals contain iron. This makes it easy to customize your dosage by supplementing separately with a gentle form of iron. All our Seeking Health prenatal vitamins are gluten-free.

Optimal Prenatal has helped thousands of mothers to support healthy fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and postpartum recovery. Women love that they’re easy on the stomach, which is particularly important if you experience morning sickness!

Hundreds of 5-star reviews point to Seeking Health’s Optimal Prenatal as one of the best prenatal vitamins on the market.

Seeking Health prenatals are recommended by doctors worldwide. Now, you can feel confident knowing you have everything you need to optimize your prenatal health and support baby’s development!

Usage Directions

Take 8 capsules daily, with a meal, in divided doses, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Do not take within 5 hours of bedtime.

Consider taking the product in divided doses throughout the day, such as 3 capsules with breakfast, 2 with lunch, and 3 with a mid-afternoon snack. You may not need the full 8 capsule dose. Adjust accordingly based on your needs.

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