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Pain Medication DNA Insight

Pathway GenomicsSKU: A2741

Available online only. Please follow the instruction to collect and mail your specimen.

A Roadmap for Pain Medication Management

Pain Medication DNA Insight® helps you understand your body’s likely response to the pain relief of 13 commonly prescribed pain medicationsso you and your physician can identify the appropriate medications.


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To know which diagnostic tests you...

Full Description

Your wellness deserves a personalized roadmap

Your pain medication treatment shouldn’t involve guesswork. Yet it can often be difficult for a physician to determine what pain medication will work best for you. This process can be time-consuming, costly and even dangerous. Through genetic testing, your physician can help determine appropriate medication for you, and help you avoid potentially severe side effects. 

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See What Personalized, Genetic Medicine Can Do For You

Gain clarity regarding your genetics to help your doctor find an appropriate pain medication match that doesn’t require potentially harmful or costly experimentations. Pain Medication DNA Insight® can help you and your physician identify a personalized roadmap for pain medication management.

With Pain Medication DNA Insight®, you’ll learn:

  • How you metabolize certain drugs
  • Which medications should be used with caution and may cause adverse side effects
  • Which medications may require higher or lower dosages

Feel Confident in Your Decisions

Not everyone responds to medications in the same exact way. Factors such as age and weight play a role, but your genetic makeup instructs your body on how to metabolize and process medications. Genetic testing can help you and your physician find the optimal pain medications for you.

Avoid Potentially Severe Side Effects

Not only can some medication result in little to no pain relief, but some have potentially life-threatening side effects. One reason is your body’s ability to get rid of all the excess chemicals. This is another reason it is important to know how your body will handle a drug before taking it.

Usage Directions

How to collect your DNA Sample

Don't Eat No eating, drinking, or smoking for 30 minutes prior to collection.
Label Tubes Fill out all labels on back of instruction card & place one on each tube.
Swab Mouth Swab the inside of your cheek with the same force you brush your teeth. Use one swab per cheek, and brush for approx. 45 seconds.
Place back swab Place each swab back into a collection tube without touching the tip on any surface.
Mail Seal in bag and mail back.
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