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TGF Optimization

GetHealthyAgainSKU: A2746

What brings about dramatic healing from the above-mentioned energy modalities is the transfer of subtle energy to the cells guided by vibration. The importance of vibration can not be overstated in terms of how subtle energy communicates with our cells, changing their structure and function. Vibration encodes how the energies are used by the cells.
Full Description
TGF Optimization Elixir provides instructions to optiimize Transforming Growth Factor. Transforming growth factor is one of the three growth factors released by platelets when they undergo the release reaction, playing an important part in stimulating endothelial proliferation and repair of vascular smooth muscle. 

This Elixir uses the ancient model of healing based on subtle vibrational energy to discharge patterns of disease. Energy healing has been used for thousands of years in many cultures throughout the world via a wide spectrum of modalities from breathing and movement techniques, to meditation, acupuncture and natural herbal remedies
Usage Directions
Use 1 to 4 bottles a month.
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