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The Quarantine Recovery Program Month 1 - Restore



We begin with gentle detoxification to up-regulate proper liver directionality and restore functional pathways of elimination. Along with a whole-body detox, we help reduce the antigenic load to dampen over-reactivity and correct immune imbalances within the body. 


Full Description

Covid-19 Supplement


PushCatch™LiverDetox: This two-part protocol provides ingredients that support your body's natural detoxification pathways and prep toxins for elimination from the body.

Glutathione Complex: This foundational product provides an array of nutrients that support detoxification pathways and cellular energy production, a critical element of successful detox.

Cat's Claw Elite®: This innovative immune support formula provides a medley of ingredients that help modulate the immune system and clear lingering bugs from the body. 

Usage Directions

Dosing Guidelines:

Liver Sauce®: 1 tsp AM followed by 1 stick pack of Ultra Binder® 30 minutes later

Glutathione Complex: 1 tsp AM

Cat's Claw Elite®: 5 pumps AM

Follow a pulse dosing schedule of 10 days on, 4 days off. Repeat twice for a total of 28 days. Take all morning doses at the same time, preferably on an empty stomach. Wait 30 minutes after taking the binder before eating or taking medications.

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