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The Quarantine Recovery Program Month 2 - Activate



The goal of month 2 is to help further clarify cells and metabolic processes through the activation of AMPK and autophagy. This will drive deep cellular detox and help reduce old tissue mass leaving your body energized and clarified.


Full Description

Covid-19 Supplement


AMPK Charge+: A phytonutrient blend designed to activate your AMPK pathway - your metabolic "master switch" which tells your body to convert fat into usable fuel. (Coming soon)

Glutathione: Known as our master detoxifier and is the body's main endogenous antioxidant helping to bind to unwanted compounds and help remove them from the body.

QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir: (x2 boxes) A seawater supplement containing naturally-occurring electrolytes, helping to keep you hydrated and re-mineralized while supporting the direction of waste movement out of cells.

Ultra Binder® Stick Packs: Offers an optimized blend of bentonite clay, activated charcoal, chitosan, and IMD Intestinal Cleanse - our proprietary complex designed to intercept and capture a broad spectrum of contaminants. 

Usage Directions

Dosing Guidelines:

AMPK Charge+ 1 tsp AM

Glutathione: 3 pumps AM

QuintEssential™ Hypertonic Elixir: 1 Sachet  AM followed by 1 stick pack of Ultra Binder® 30 minutes later

Take AMPK Charge+, Glutathione, and Quinton Elixir once per day, in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach.  Follow up 30 minutes later with Ultra Binder and wait another 30 minutes before eating or taking other medications. Repeat the protocol for 28 days in a pulsing rotation. Ten days on, 4 days off.

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