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Quicksilver Scientific’s Triplicity Longevity Protocol contains three powerful formulas designed to help the body age with vitality: Longevity Elite™, NAD+ Platinum®, and Membrane Mend™. To learn more about our comprehensive approach to defining and unlocking the keys to age optimization visit our Longevity Resource Pages.

Triplicity Bundle Contains:

  • 1 x Longevity Elite™
  • 1x NAD+ Platinum®
  • 2x Membrane Mend™

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Full Description

Age with Vitality

Longevity Elite™  is our patent-pending harmonious blend of botanicals, phytochemicals, and the hormone precursor pregnenolone, designed to provide maximal support for hormonal balance and longevity.a powerful blend of premium sourced adaptogens and the hormone precursor pregnenolone, designed to provide robust support for hormonal balance, telomere health, and longevity.†

NAD+ Platinum® – our all-in-one longevity formula syncs nutraceuticals that support three vital pathways involved in aging: NAD+ generation, sirtuin activation, and methylation.†

Membrane Mend™ – our synergistic formula combines phosphatidylcholine, plant-based essential fatty acids, astaxanthin, and tocotrienols to help promote the health and resilience of cell and organelle membranes, foundational to aging well.†

Better Together – This age-defying set of products leverages our advanced nano particle delivery for fast-acting effects to help with biological aging at a cellular level.

Usage Directions

Protocol comes with complete instructions. If pregnant, breastfeeding, or planning to become pregnant, consult your physician before use.

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