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Vagus Signaling Control elixir

GetHealthyAgainSKU: A2757

Vagus Signaling Control Elixir is based on the polyvagal theory. Instructions in Vagus Signaling Control are designed to create a sense of inner calm, relaxation and peace.
Full Description
The functioning of the vagus nerve and the autonomic nervous system are optimized to produce these feelings. Vagus Signaling Control turns down inappropriately activated fear and defense mechanisms, and activates what is called a vagal calm state. 

The instructions in Vagus Signaling Control elixir also reduce over-reactive inaccurate perceptions of threat and danger by the amygdala and other neural centers of the brain. Better still, they increase to optimal levels production of Acetycholine, Prolactin, Vasopresin and Oxytocin to induce relaxation, calmness and a feeling of peace.
Usage Directions
Use 1 to 4 bottles a month
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